Oure names are Yolanda and André, we live in Beerse (Belgium).

Dogs have always been part of our family.
We have practiced different diciplines with the dogs, but the major passion goes to the obedience shows.

We bought our first Border Collie in july 1990, "Duke" was his name. It was a fantastic dog, really, who gave all credit to his name.
One year later we decided to take a bitch, "Joy Forever", and that's how we started with our kennel "Of Dreams Forever" in 1994.

Most of our first dogs are imported from the U.K. and all the dogs are officially tested, hips scored, eyes (Progressive Retinal Athrophy) tested and been DNA tested .

Already many dogs participated in the Belgian Championship. Our Border Collies also frequently lined up in beauty contests, awarded with many CAC's!

The pups grow up in a domestic environment and in such a way they are familiar with everything there is in the daily life (people, equipment, sounds,..). Every pup has been take for serveral rides in a car so you don't have to be afraid for the trip to there new home.

Our goal is to endeavor to deliver quality pups to u, pups wich give you many years of pleasure.

We hope that you'll find whatever you are looking for. Of course we are available for any questions and information.